Updated May 6, 2013

What is Socialcam?

Socialcam is a smartphone application that makes it easy to share videos with friends.

Will Socialcam work on my phone?

Socialcam works on iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS running iOS 5.0 and above. It also works on most Android phones.

Can I delete my videos if I no longer want them?

Yes. To delete a video click on the more button below the video then click the gear button on the top right and then click delete.

Can I untag myself from a video?

Yes. on iPhone, To untag yourself click on the more button below the video, then click the friends button on the bottom left, then click the untag button next to your name.

Can I export my videos?

Socialcam will save all your videos to your camera roll by default. From there you can export them anywhere you wish.

Can I make a video private?

Yes - you can make your videos private on the titling screen right after creating a video. You can also change the privacy by clicking on the more button below the video, then clicking the gear button on the top right, and then clicking privacy settings.

How do I @mention/reply to a user?

When you are writing a comment tap the @ button on the keyboard and start typing the user's name. Suggestions will appear on the top of the keyboard.

Where can I find videos I'm tagged in?

you Click on the profile button (top left of the videos screen) and then click on the tagged stat (mid right).

How do I search for a hashtag?

On iPhone, go to the popular page, then click on the button on the top right. Search box will be at the top.

How do I find my friends?

Go to the friends page and then click on the find friends tab.

How do I share to Twitter/Facebook/etc?

Click on the "more" link below any video and you will be presenting with sharing options.

Tell me about the API

We have an API that lets developers access certain information from the Socialcam Service for their apps. Developers must agree to the API Terms.

What information can client app developers get through the API?

If you have posted a video as “public,” certain applications (“apps”) may access and use, through our API, the video and other publicly available information associated with you (“basic information”):

  • the public video (including its title, and public comments you include with the video);
  • the name (or pseudonym) associated with your account;
  • the profile image associated with you;
  • the profile URL (which may include user ID) for the account.

Certain apps may want to do the following types of activities, and you will need to give permission to them (“authenticate”) to do these types of things:

  • Manage relationships: to manage user relationships such as follow, unfollow, block, and unblock people, and to approve people who want to follow you;
  • Manage likes: to manage likes on your behalf; and
  • Manage comments: to manage and posts comments on your behalf.

How can I opt out from the API?

You don’t have to use authenticated apps – that’s your choice. If make your videos private, they will not be accessed by the API (unless you specifically allow an authenticated app to access them). If your videos are public, they will be available through the API. However, you can change your name to a pseudonym or “handle” and choose a profile image that does not personally identify you (for example, not a picture of your face).

How do I block a user?

On iPhone, if you long press on the users name the block button will appear. In the followers list view, you can swipe on the user name.

How do I unlike a video?

On iPhone, If you long press on your name under the video you liked an unlike button will appear. Also if you click the like button again the like will be reversed.

How do I delete a comment?

On iPhone, If you long press on the name of the user next to their comment a delete comment button will appear.

Socialcam isn't working on my phone. Will you help me?

We want to hear from you. Please email webcontact@socialcam.com with any problems, questions or suggestions. We'll be happy to help.

How do I request a new password?

You can do that, right here (Compatible with desktop browser only).

How do I delete my account?

We are sad to see you go, but you can delete your account and your information on this page (Compatible with desktop browser only).

Who should I thank for Socialcam?

Socialcam is created by the awesome team of Ammon Bartram, Guillaume Luccisano, Michael Seibel, Murray Clement, Chen Pang, and Romain Tholimet. Our sounds were produced by Jivatma07.

What open source software does your iPhone app use?

Uses ASIHTTPRequest by Ben Copsey, Copyright (c) 2007-2011, All-Seeing Interactive. BSD license
Uses YAJL by Lloyd Hilaiel, Copyright (c) 2007-2011, Lloyd Hilaiel . BSD license
Uses a modified version of UIDevice-Hardware by Erica Sadun. BSD license
Uses Appirater by Arash Payan, Copyright 2012, Arash Payan. MIT license
Uses gtm-oauth2 by Google, Copyright (c) 2011 Google Inc. Apache license 2.0 - Original copyright notice
Uses JSONKIT by John Engelhart, Copyright (c) 2011, John Engelhart. Apache license 2.0 - Original copyright notice
Uses RegexKitLite by John Engelhart, Copyright (c) 2008-2010, John Engelhart. BSD license
Uses Facebook iOS SDK by Facebook, Copyright (c) 2010 - 2012, Facebook. Apache license 2.0 - Original copyright notice
Uses KissXML by Robbie Hanson, Copyright (c) 2012, Robbie Hanson. Modified BSD License

What open source software does your Android app use?

Uses Facebook Android SDK by Facebook, Copyright (c) 2004 – 2012 Facebook. Apache license 2.0 - Original copyright notice
Uses gtm-oauth2 by Google, Copyright (c) 2011 Google Inc. Apache license 2.0 - Original copyright notice
Uses C2dm by Google, Copyright (c) Google. Apache license 2.0