Socialcam Team

Michael Seibel

Michael Seibel

CEO - Founder

In Short: Everything thats not tech

My dream has been to make video creation easy and fun for everyday people. That started with being the CEO and Co-Founder of and now has moved to mobile phones with Socialcam. At Socialcam I wear a ton of hats (product, customer support, fundraising, user testing, etc.) and I absolutely love it.

One day Ammon and Guillaume will let me touch the code and then I'll truly be dangerous.

Ammon Bartram

Ammon Bartram

CTO - Founder

In Short: The iOs and Video guy

At Socialcam, I make the experience of taking videos awesome by building crazy openGL stuff! Which means I actually built the iPhone app and the video system. Before that, freshly out from college, I rebuilt all the video infrastructure at to make it scale.

Oh, I will never let Michael touch my code.

Guillaume L

Guillaume Luccisano

VP Engineering - Founder

In Short: The Rails and Backend guy

At Socialcam, I handle the backend. It's hidden but has to work :) I make it scalable and fast! Before that, I came directly from France to help scale and migrate their Rails stack from Rails 2.1 to Rails 3. Big picture: I have been building stuff in ruby for more than 5 years, released a couple gems, and a few iPhone games back when we were all happily running our slow iPhones...

And no, Michael will never touch my code.

The Roxie

The Roxie

Community Manager

In Short: Rockstar

At Socialcam, I represent the community by being active on the app and understanding what users want. I respond to their requests and collect feedback to be passed on to the team. In addition, I promote in all the ways I know how because I love the app and what the boys have built. Unlike Michael I am happy to be nowhere near the code... In fact, they should be scared of the small amount of admin responsibilities I do have ;-)