Jason DeAtley

Hatervision: Steamed Crab Legs!

By L. Taz Hicks on Apr 13
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Hatervision: ジャガリコ = Mashed Potatoes!

By L. Taz Hicks on Apr 08
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Hatervision: Premium Lounge Freestyle Session

By L. Taz Hicks on Apr 05
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Hatervision: Mini Grand Piano from my homegirl Waks!

By L. Taz Hicks on Mar 08
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Hatervision: Live @ Blues Alley Meguro Tonight!

By L. Taz Hicks on Feb 09
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Hatervision: The first real snow of 2012

By L. Taz Hicks on Jan 23
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Lion's Birthday Cake: Strawberry Chocolate Brownie Cake w/ Marshmallow and Sprinkles topping.

By L. Taz Hicks on Jan 23
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Hatervision: staying frosty on da block

By L. Taz Hicks on Dec 02
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Hatervision: The Ageha tour.

By L. Taz Hicks on Nov 26
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Hatervision: Yuri no Yuki!

By L. Taz Hicks on Oct 31
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Keio University Yagami Festival Fireworks.

By L. Taz Hicks on Oct 09
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