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2 weeks left..

By Samuel Ljungblahd on Mar 25
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The Walls Group New Years (Glad About It) @MusiqCityWalls

By Brandace Latin on Feb 01
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@The Walls Group #satisfied

By Brianna Patterson on Aug 31
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Prayer Challenge!!

By Kawana Coleman on Aug 01
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The Walls Group Singing "Satisfied" @ Good Shepherd Baptist Church

By Tobias Hill on Jul 31
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TWG does mic check by sound check

By Alicia Walls on Jul 23
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Contemporary voices if Ebenezer AME Tyler, sitting in on rehearsal

By Mercykeptme on Jun 23
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Make some Over - The Walls Group

By Keiona Williams on May 14
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Thank you, Jesus, for loving me!!!!

By Samuel Ljungblahd on Apr 18
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My ChocolateMan

By Blaqqnubian on Apr 16
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Musiqcity jams while waiting to do sound check

By The Walls Group on Mar 31
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@The Walls Group singing He's Able/Turning Around For Me

By C. Mays on Mar 15
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Khloé singing "I Love You Forever" by Tye Tribbett

By Kandice Hammitt on Mar 01
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"There's Dancing in the Temple, So There Must Be Victory!!!" (Pastor hits "The NaeNae" around 1:55....huaahhhhh!!!!!)

By Kandice Hammitt on Feb 23
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Monday praise

By Samuel Ljungblahd on Jan 13
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