Harm NL

So excited this morning!!! A pre-video cheers for all of you!! Lots of love!! #BBN

By Harm NL on Jan 31
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Mr Q want to say hi to #SCfam!

By Harm NL on Jan 30
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I LOOOOOVVVEEEE winter!.......

By Harm NL on Jan 29
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#occupySC I go over 2 min to show the love for you all!!

By Harm NL on Jan 28
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Nooooo I dont wanna get up!!

By Harm NL on Jan 27
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Point taken.......... :)

By Harm NL on Jan 25

New toy to abuse!

By Harm NL on Jan 24
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Reporting for a quick hello!! So tired of staring at the computer I even have a lazy eye! Fak that shit!

By Harm NL on Jan 21
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